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Suggestions and tips to make best use of PestoBettolino.

Season it with olive oil, salt and a hint of asparagus, previously steamed and cooled in iced water for a while.

Combine with hard boiled eggs, baked confit tomatoes, and a hint of PestoBettolino, in order to bind the ingredients and to create a soft and eveloping flavor.

Cut the zucchini half lenghtwise, grill them on the hot-plate and season them with garlic flavored oil.

Lay it down on crumbled sheep’s ricotta cheese, dry tomatoes and PestoBettolino.

Prepare your sandwich carefully and with quality ingredients full of character.

A barbecued beef burger, some pecorino “di fossa” cheese flakes, onion rings, fresh tomatoes, durum wheat bread spread with PestoBettolino.

A fine taste that enhances the other ingredients.

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