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Our Pesto as an aroma of our solidarity.

Those who produce “Pesto Bettolino” are, for the most part, people with “special abilities”.
A clear Mission
“Cooperativa Sociale Il Bettolino” was born with a precise mission: to promote the employment of disadvantaged people in the area. Nowadays, with “Pesto Bettolino” we bring our philosophy and our specialty to the world.
The production
“Cooperativa Sociale Il Bettolino” produces and packages around 200 KG per day during the winter and 350 KG during the summer.
The cultivation
“Cooperativa sociale Il Bettolino” does not use ground sowing for the production of basil, but the technique of the hydroponic or floating system. The concrete tanks are filled with water and nutrient solutions, the polystyrene trays are placed on them, after sowing the basil. In this way, the roots come into contact with water and nutrient solutions making the plant grows.
Simple and natural ingredients of PestoBettolino
Italian fresh basil 38%, sunflower seed oil 10%, Parmigiano-Reggiano PDO cheese aged 20 months 20% (milk, salt, rennet), pine nuts 2%, garlic 1%, salt 1%.
Nutritional Values
(for 100 ml)
Energy 1876 kJ/455 kcal
Fat 44,1 g of which saturated 6,3 g
Carbohydrate 8 g of which sugar 5,4 g
Protein 5,0 g

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